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19 VariantsOTRMPGCO2 (g/km)0-62 (s)TransmissionFuel
2.0 P250 HSE 5dr Auto AWD£52,495UnavailableUnavailable7.3AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P250 R-Dynamic HSE 5dr Auto AWD£54,810UnavailableUnavailable7.3AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P250 R-Dynamic S 5dr Auto AWD£46,765UnavailableUnavailable7.3AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P250 R-Dynamic SE 5dr Auto AWD£49,925UnavailableUnavailable7.3AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P250 S 5dr Auto AWD£45,670UnavailableUnavailable7.3AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P250 SE 5dr Auto AWD£48,830UnavailableUnavailable7.3AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P400e HSE 5dr Auto AWD£61,590UnavailableUnavailable5.3AUTOUnavailableMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P400e R-Dynamic HSE 5dr Auto AWD£63,905UnavailableUnavailable5.3AUTOUnavailableMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P400e R-Dynamic S 5dr Auto AWD£56,585UnavailableUnavailable5.3AUTOUnavailableMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P400e R-Dynamic SE 5dr Auto AWD£59,485UnavailableUnavailable5.3AUTOUnavailableMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P400e S 5dr Auto AWD£55,490UnavailableUnavailable5.3AUTOUnavailableMore InfoGet Quote
2.0 P400e SE 5dr Auto AWD£58,390UnavailableUnavailable5.3AUTOUnavailableMore InfoGet Quote
3.0 P400 HSE 5dr Auto AWD£60,800UnavailableUnavailable5.4AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
3.0 P400 R-Dynamic HSE 5dr Auto AWD£63,115UnavailableUnavailable5.4AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
3.0 P400 R-Dynamic S 5dr Auto AWD£55,535UnavailableUnavailable5.4AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
3.0 P400 R-Dynamic SE 5dr Auto AWD£58,695UnavailableUnavailable5.4AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
3.0 P400 S 5dr Auto AWD£54,440UnavailableUnavailable5.4AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
3.0 P400 SE 5dr Auto AWD£57,600UnavailableUnavailable5.4AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote
5.0 V8 550 SVR 5dr Auto AWDUnavailableUnavailableUnavailable4AUTOPetrolMore InfoGet Quote

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