Blossom's continued commitment to environmental sustainability


Here at Blossom we are acutely aware of our impact on the environment and we are always striving to work in a more sustainable way to minimise our carbon footprint. For example...

  • Within our office we aim to reduce paper use (think before you print!)
  • We discourage use of single use plastics within the office
  • We have committed to funding the planting of a tree for every vehicle we supply

As part of our environmental commitment we have partnered with Commercial Group and one of our Directors, Kevin Costelloe, recently took part in an annual tree planting event. Companies with a conscience - thank you to Commercial Group for working with us!

If you are a business looking to refresh your fleet of company cars and are also committed to reducing environmental impact, then don’t forget electric cars are currently eligible for 0% Benefit In Kind from April 2020! Contact us for full details and a bespoke quote!

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