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There are so many advantages to leasing over purchasing your new vehicle, be it a new car for personal use, a company car or a van for work or pleasure. If you’ve not leased before, we understand that it can be daunting. So we’ve pulled together a useful guide detailing each step to help see you through to your new wheels seamlessly.

Leasing is on the rise. More and more people are turning to leasing allowing them to drive away with a brand new car without the huge upfront cost that purchasing brings.

What is car leasing?

In a nutshell, leasing is a long-term rental agreement offering the exclusive use of a car or van for a set period of time, at a fixed monthly price.

The Basics…

  1. Get a new car every few years!
    When you lease a car or van, you can choose the lease term (the length of time you want to have the lease for). This is usually two, three or four years. The longer the term, the less the monthly payment. This means that every two, three or four years you can return your lease vehicle, and drive away with a brand new one, without having to worry about large upfront costs, depreciation or selling your vehicle.
  2. Maintenance costs are often included
    You can include servicing and tyres to the monthly rental if required, meaning that you can maintain your car without having to worry about finding the extra funds. They are all built in to manageable monthly payments. Helping you to budget. Road tax is also included for the duration of the agreement and a full manufacturer warranty is offered as standard on all vehicles.
  3. Get a better car/van
    When you lease rather than purchase, you have access to wider range of vehicles within your budget. Typically purchasing a vehicle through alternative financing schemes is more expensive than leasing a car. So choose the higher spec, add on the extra packages. Enjoy your vehicle.
  4. Budget planning
    Your agreed monthly rental payments are fixed, making it easy to manage your monthly outgoings. You are able to select the duration and mileage terms to meet your needs.
  5. Plan your mileage
    One of the things that has a big effect on how much you pay monthly is the mileage you do each year. You’ll need to work out what you'll be using your car for so you can choose the correct mileage. If you think you might go over the maximum mileage you have set, contact us as soon as you can as it's possible to extend your mileage for a cost. By letting us know, you can ensure your new monthly fee covers the extra mileage.
  6. Long term rental
    In simple, vehicle leasing enables you to have full access to a vehicle without actually owning it. It's very similar to renting a car, but instead of only having it for a couple of weeks or a month, a standard car lease will last anywhere between two to four years.
  7. Keep it in a good condition
    When you return the vehicle, it will be valued. The value will be based on the condition the car or van is returned in. The age and mileage will be taken into account. If the vehicle hasn’t been looked after outside of fair wear and tear, there may be additional fees.
  8. Returning your vehicle early
    There is an option to return your vehicle before the end of the lease contract, however there will be a cost to terminate. This can often be quite high, so bear this in mind when selecting the term you require.
  9. Insuring your lease vehicle
    You are required to provide fully comprehensive insurance on your lease vehicle.

The process you’ll go through

When you lease a vehicle through Blossom, we aim to make the process as stress and hassle-free as possible. There are 5 simple steps:

  1. Choose your car or van and we’ll give you a quote based on your required lease term and budget
    We have every make and model available for you to choose from
  2. Provide financial details (we’ll let you know what you need)
    In order to get the lease approved, we need to take a few financial details
  3. Your new vehicle is delivered
    A delivery date will be arranged. The length of time you need to wait depends on whether the vehicle is in stock or whether it has to be made – the same as buying a car
  4. Enjoy your vehicle for the duration of the lease
    We’re on hand to answer any questions you have throughout the entire life of your lease
  5. Return your car/van and choose a new one, or walk away

How the payments work

At the beginning of a contract, the customer is required to pay an initial rental – this can vary and is usually a set number of month’s payment upfront. This will be discussed and agreed at the quote stage.

The customer can then choose the lease term that they require. Usually between two and four years.

The customer then makes monthly payments for the duration of the lease term. At the end of the contract (typically two, three years or four years), the customer simply hands the car back without any further obligations, or may choose to purchase the vehicle depending on the type of contract taken.

How to get the best leasing deals

Our website displays the vehicles that we have available at any one time. Models can go on offer for a very limited time based on availability. You may only have a short window of opportunity to get the price shown. It’s a bit like booking a flight or train tickets. Once that deal goes, another becomes available.

We are however able to provide you with a quote for any car or van of your choice, even if it is not displayed on our website. If you are unsure of what you are after, get in touch with us. We can help you choose, or pop you on our offers list to let you know as and when new stock becomes available at the very best prices.

Why Blossom?

We’re a leading independent UK vehicle leasing specialists. We provide a unique level of customer care both during the quotation phase and during your lease period. Our team of experts and on hand to answer any queries you have and we make it our business to ensure the process is as simple as it needs to be.

We enjoy getting our customers the very best deals, whether you are after a car for personal use, or you’re a business after a fleet of vehicles. Both are equally important to us and receive the same level of care and attention.

We’re proud of the access we have to a vast range of vehicles at great prices. We offer a comprehensive range of high-end cars to coupes, hatchbacks, saloons and convertibles and provide flexible lease agreements and contract hire packages to suit your specific business or individual needs. We don’t have showrooms or vast teams to fund or ambitious advertising budgets to pay for, meaning that the best deals benefit you directly.

Funding and leasing finance options available at Blossom:

  • Business contract hire
  • Personal contract hire
  • Business contract purchase
  • Fleet management
  • Finance lease
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